When is Enough Enough?

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Here we are thirty days plus into 2014. Many of us, myself included, have made commitments (resolutions) to ourselves to either try to improve or maintain the status quo of our existence. Perhaps, making choices to improve our health; improve upon our tardiness to work, school or play; trying to be kinder and more patient; incorporate more joy in our lives; or, taking time to just BE. All of these are noble pursuits and all require effort. Effort, the kind that needs mind shift focus to stay consistent, non-judgmental and humorous. Yep, I said it, humorous.

There is a saying I used to have on my fridge, …”don’t take yourself so seriously, no one else does.” How many of us have made resolutions and fall short each year because we’ve either been too distracted, lethargic or doubtful? We’ve resigned to beliefs that whatever we desire was too hard or that our effort(s) had not produced the desired outcome quickly enough. Let’s face it America, we want it now! How about faster than now? In our mad ordered chaos called life, how many of us fall short because we allow media and trends to coax us into lemming-like fashion to the brink off cliffs? In truth, our innate conscious knows what is best for our true Self. We are either non-trusting and fearful that if we fall short of our pursuit that it was not meant to be. This is poop-thought. How would you know anything if you didn’t try? How did you learn to read? drive a car? love a pet? swim, walk or run? or become an adept lover (of people, places and things) if you didn’t keep at it?

When is enough enough? Over accumulation of material things, stuff, emotional baggage or poor health can weigh heavily on us. The external noise and visual pollution bombard, often cloud or desensitize our perceptions about what is important to our soul and connecting with who it is we really are. If we could allow expansion and awareness to become more open to our authentic nature we might learn to dispel limits that hold us back from our noble pursuits. Being open can facilitate limitless potential in life. Great balls o’fire, how?! Are you ready? Basking in the quiet stillness of the BREATH!

Let go of that baggage and breathe ya’ll…

Tina’s response to emotional baggage

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