What might happen if we looked up?


I usually limit my social media checks an hour every other day; unless, I’m chatting with my love via Skype. This includes responding to emails, checking FBook and other related sites. Perhaps, I am blessed that I am the product of the ol’ school where people actually looked at each other when having a conversation, a meal, or some other form of interaction.

I belong to an era that didn’t have to figure how spell words for expressive sounds (arghhh) or emotions (lol). A time when we didn’t ignore someone in distress for fear that you’d be harmed, gave a firm handshake and a smile when you met someone, and made up kooky games like pretending we were foreigners that spoke pig latin with my little sister on the city bus. Imagination and real social interaction–not virtual, tech-ky or digital.

Isn’t it wonderful that today we can have a multitude of “friends” with social media and have the option to not to deal with anyone’s real issues, actually have to break bread or meet them unless we choose. There are some redeeming aspects in the newer ways to connect, but keyboard touch is no substitute for human. Let’s just try to remember why we’re doing all of the virtual connecting in the first place. We want to connect to others, be in the loop of what’s happening around the world–environmentally, scientifically and humanly. We want to use this virtual world as a tool to learn that we are more alike than not, and that our global family is in need of just as much compassion and touch as we are.

Unplug, shut-off, and be present for an hour. Then maybe an evening, a holiday, a weekend…oh heck, go for a vacation! To be honest, you can unplug me NOW…

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