Today I Am..

Today I Am

The affirmation I was given goes like this, “Today I accept love just as I am. Today I accept myself just as I am. Today I thank God for making me just as I am. Today I accept life just as it is. Today I am peace, joy and love as I am.”

This affirmation was just a reminder of how much I love my wonderful life.  Even the bumps, knocks, highs-lows and disappointments.  Witnessing the growing pains of my children. The ebb and flow within relationships. The recognition that your career may change and that you are flexible enough to meet that change. The ability to recognize and take responsibility for your personal health-including mind, body and spirit.

In The Voice of Knowledge by Don Miguel Ruiz, he writes,”If you don’t like our story, we are the authors; we can change it. Humans are the storytellers of God. It is in our nature to make up stories, to interpret everything we perceive. Without awareness…the story writes itself. With awareness, we recover control of our story. We see that we are the authors, and if we don’t like our story, we change it.”

How this speaks to me is that acceptance is critical to awareness; hence, the ability to adapt and/or manifest change, or not.  We have to recognize change and author a more palatable story…your story, your truth.  It is a gift, to  look to Self, accept and grow in peace.


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