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Mission Oriented and Shining

     Parents love their children. Parents always want the best for their offspring and work hard to keep children safe, protected, healthy and to educate them. Eventhough parents think they control their children’s comings and goings, their influences and exposure, these individuals are of their own mind and have unique spiritual energy.  Having said that, the impressions and actions we as parents execute, while important, will not be the final determinate in the life roadmaps children choose. With my own brood, the highs and lows of raising them have been exhilarating and exhausting, full of laughter and deep moments of sorrow, sometimes embarrassment, but, more often pride.  Nothing short of dichotomy at every point of their development.

     Sharing this thought as one of my offspring chooses to serve globally with the Peace Corps in the South Pacific isles this week brings me both joy and humility.  Gratitude for her choices and willingness to be open to differences, to learn, and experience life.  Humility because she steps out on faith and out of her comfort zone.  It is with God’s grace, fields of potentiality, and the village of ancestors, spouses, partners, relatives, friends, teachers, spiritual guides, environment, humor and unconditional love that our babies thrive. This is enlarging our territory beyond comprehension. What these fledglings do with all of that energy, attention-whether positive or negative, is really of their own choice and personal mission (dharma).  All of my children are compassionate and thoughtful beings. Gratitude is something we acknowledge daily. 

     Yet, some of this choosing may be the by-product of her youth and being unencumbered. In truth, she is this way because her spirit seeks the highest of what our village has sown. To be a help to others. The effects of your energetic ripples, whether directly or indirectly have been acknowledged–globally, nationally, and locally.  While you may not know us up close and personal, your energy does.  You may know someone as close as six degrees of separation that knows someone we know and so on.  We are thankful that this little seed is taking root, finding her path and enjoys helping others. We are thankful to you, our universal family for sharing and supporting our children.  


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    Hi Friend :-), this is so awesome and beautiful. Know that my love and energy will always be with you, my beautiful baby girl, and your family. Please give her a huge hug for me and tell her I said to “go and possess the land”. Namaste

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      Always thankful for your grace.

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