Life’s Lemonade

The lemon. A tart, tangy, acidic fruit that can be refreshing, yet can make you pucker and spit!

In life, these fruits get tossed in our lives.  What do we do? Make lemonade or ferment and become rancid? The innocence of kids being present, authentic and humorous makes the best of tangy situations. Simple is as simple does.

If you live long enough, a simple task or situation of making something better from something not so great becomes a bit more elusive. We often become clouded with learned behaviors that may be limiting. Quick to over-analyze, almost as though we suffer from analysis paralysis.  We forget our innate kid-like approach to “oh-well” what’s to do?  Pout, yell, cause a ruckus, break a plate, or find another way. But do something, for goodness sake! That’s what most kids do. An action (or not) with emotion behind it shows you’re still in the game…you’re alive.

I’ve recently experienced this cloudy and sticky-stuck feeling when choosing creature comforts over more peace, balance and alignment with my core values.  I chose familiarity of an environment I was accustomed, no longer as passionate about as opposed to stepping out and trusting my instincts about causes I find myself more creatively and spiritually drawn. Trusting that I as long as I am curious, flexible and open, hard-working and aware that vibrational abundance is more than possible.

The morass of “what-if’s” can become so burdensome, debilitating and annoying.  What if I fail and things don’t work out?  What if people talk?  What if I become something bad happens?  What if I don’t know enough or too much? What if I’m not taken seriously? What if I’m not ready? The negativity could be endless.  However, what if the “what if” approach made a paradigm shift toward the positive?  i.e. What if I connect with being and feeling great about my choice(s)? What if I start making small intentional changes? What if I see myself making progress in a new arena, career, or destination? Experience has shown me without fail that resources and opportunities are infinite. We have to own this one.

Stigma, judgement, and fear can keep many of us indecisive and on the fence–full with material gain, amenities, but, cautious because we keep holding on to the illusory mirrors of success and success.  I’m part of this world too. But, if our gifts whether experential, knowledge or skilled based are not shared, our voice for right action and compassion for others is not sounded, or unsolicited random acts of kindness denied to sentient beings because we’re too busy–we’re not truly ALIVE.

I’m ready to pucker up and embrace the “I Know the Universe Has Got My Back,” jump-in and go for it! It will be a journey for sure. That I am confident. Being a little uncertain can be the real juice for innovation–like lemonade.

Let’s make some lemonade.

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    Love the simplicity of the video!

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