Inspiration or what?

Hello World!

I am Dr. Inge Ford, aka YaYa Yogini. Welcome to my blog, where I intend to share and gain inspiration, vision, and spiritual balance in my journey as a Yogini.

I’m in a wonderful time in my life. I’ve successfully raised four children, have a fulfilling career, and am now seeking new adventures around the globe with old and new friends.

Yoga has been a grounding force for me, and I’m eager to share my explorations with others. The goal of Yoga is to experience “your truth”. My main style of practice is Integral Yoga–meditation (Raja), breath work (pranayama) and asana/postures (Hatha).  Inner radiance can and will result as you explore mindful awareness, motion into stillness, and balance. Yoga is devoid of competition, ego, or negativity.  It is a practice…our practice.

I hope you will share my enthusiasm about exploring this ancient health system that promotes balance, flexibility, and freedom.




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