Effort for World Peace…108 Mala Sun Salutes

Dove of peace

Can you believe it 2014 is coming to an end? For many, the end of a calendar year usually insights varied sense of appreciation, vision, awareness, judgment, wisdom, revelation and/or apprehension. Life paths are not always predictable, but life is good. Every bit of it. Every twist and turn. The challenge is to remember simple goodness when things are funky and not as we’d like.

On December 20, 2014 we are practicing 108 Mala Sun Salutations for World Peace. The mala is 9 rounds of the Sun Salutation Series. Each series consists of 12 108 Sunmovements which total 108 poses. Purposefully bringing together the paths of yoga–devotion, wisdom, compassion, and action (hatha, bhakti, jnana and karma). As we move through the series we meditate, breathe and circulate energetic healing qualities that manifest in ours and the lives of others.

The first four rounds of the series are dedicated to 1. personal transformation; 2. family, friends, those in conflict; 3. the world and her need for healing our human family; and, 4. your conversation between you and God–gratitude. We pray for compassion, creativity, love and transformation for the good of all beings.

As you progress through subsequent rounds the movements become more fluid and liquid. Your breath eases and synchronizes with your movements. Your mind yields to your current state and subconscious chatter seems less. You might begin to tire, but you will probably find energy to continue. If you choose to rest, you will likely choose to do more. Before you know it, you’ve contributed with favor and to universal healing!


The intention of this mala is powerful.  Even if we fall short in doing 9 rounds, the process of action and dedication will leverage patterns that can energetically change circumstances.  We are taking small steps in being honorable, helpful, strong, flexible, and thoughtful of ourselves and others. Seems too easy, doesn’t it? I assure you collectively this is no small act.

Why is this important? Because being “the change that you wish to see” is a call for all of us to be honest with ourselves before asking others to be tolerant and compassionate. This year our globe has been rife with war, civil and domestic violence, atrocities towards women, and incessant pummeling to the earth; and, We, as guardians of this habitat  have responsibility to care for and protect her, even if in small measure.  I don’t believe that we are powerless.  I don’t accept that somehow the negative images, numbing news of radical fanatics and governments that don’t represent their people in humane fashion are the norm. Making a conscious effort to find a positive for every negative, speaking as a collective for acceptance and justice, allowing differences that do not harm others, supporting healing and healthy communities are more than doable.  If each of us, old or young, male or female, or white-black-other would consistently move towards more acceptance and awareness our space would be even more enjoyable.  So join us December 20th at home or your local community event. Wear your most lively colors! Don the attitude of gratitude and forward thinking.  Please send us your random sun salute photos (info@yaya-yoga.com). We’d love to see you. Look for our upcoming video blog– the 108 Mala Sun Salutation for Peace.


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