Don’t Be Still My Heart


Anahata, the Heart Chakra (at the heart, upper chest and upper back) is at the core of our spirit. It is thought to be the pivot where wisdom and happiness balance. The place where all of the pain, disappointment and brokenness of our personal saga melds with compassion and boundless love. Anahata is our source of true inspiration with our destiny in tow.

My travels are carrying me to many wonderful places and experiencing kind people from all over the globe. Many years I’d suffered with being so “heady” about life and the expectations about what my walk on the planet was to be. It was not until these later years that I realized my inner knowing had never left me, and that for so long I was “over-thinking” my decisions–choosing my mind guide over messages from the heart. Deepak Chopra said, “…if it feels right, it is. If it feels uncomfortable, it is.” Ego is constantly seeking to override messages of the heart. Hence, we might be placing obstacles that prevent events that may be just what we need in our pursuit of happiness.

Hearing sound energy and moving towards our hearts desire evokes true inspiration that involves trust. Trust in the unknown, although uncomfortable, can be very liberating. Think of it as an adventure that is harnessed in the field of potential possibilities. The heart is intertwined with spirit. This centre is the loving and reliable guide when stress or dis-ease are clamoring. This centre with calm breathing and stillness will allow the rise of inspiration; hence, our true destiny.

Get out of your head and take it to the mat!

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Try this simple inversion to jump start your heart chakra!

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