Die Hard Love…Story

Where Do I Begin
Where Do I Begin

Rumor has it that we don’t pick who we fall in love with. If that were the case we might make some very boring choices. What if we each could have the ideal spiritual, physical, financial, intellectual, comical, compassionate, and/or generous ideal mate? More important, are you that person yourself? Would you date, engage or marry someone like you?

Isn’t it heartwarming to know that someone can ignite such query as  “Where Do I Begin” as rendered by this diva?

As we’ve passed through the month of February, the month associated with love. The love for others, nature, beauty, and life; perhaps, you might ignite the passion and love of Self. In falling in love with your own kindness, compassion, and joy you will subliminally ignite that in others. That’s some kind of real love!

Be change you want to see…look and love thyself ya’ll.

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