Terrini W.

“I love classes at the Dojo, it makes me feel taller and empowered…I recommend it to all.”

Guerdy S.thirdhuman

“After practicing with Yaya Yoga I’m more aware, I want to take on the day. [Yoga] has done wonders for me. Only an hour for the best energy.”


Zandra H.

“Classes with Inge are inspirational. Inge gives a variety. I rob myself when I don’t get to class…[yoga class] doesn’t get any better!”

fiyrtghumanOude N.

“Really comfortable in Yaya’s class…not a competition. Inge makes us feel really comfortable..you don’t have to be the perfect pose…just a great learning experience. I never did yoga before and I really enjoy it.”

Nick L.11908922_1024717624216063_1463392077163172346_o

“I was your typical old school guy when it came to working out. As a high school jock in track, football and wrestling I learned to compete hard. Now thirty some years and multiple debilitating injuries and surgeries later, I find myself saying if I only knew then…. flexibility is highly underrated. Inge attempted many times to get me to at least try yoga. I refused again and again until the last RTC tear. With a little persuasion to get back on the mat, Inge asked me to adopt a different perspective. Yoga is not so much about working out as it is about working in. Slowly, learning where the limit of the stiff joint is and breathing and embracing that limit not going beyond it… I know it sounds like a lotta woo woo but truth … three years later the daily back ache, shoulder and knee pain are virtually gone… Thank you for this gift, Inge.”

IMG_8201Tiye M.

“Yaya has always been an inspiration for me. Everything in our family happens in trios, good and bad but it’s also as if our energy is spread beyond ourselves. If something positive happens to us, it impacts those around us. If we choose to be negative about something in our lifes (which is rare), that energy affects our family and friends. Yaya has always used her energy to positively influence her peers and kin. Her energy flows in yoga sessions. Her energy flows in conversations. Her energy flows in her physicality. She’s an inspiration.”