“The body is so remarkable, it can heal itself when given the opportunity.” – Yaya



Yaya’s classes begin with the breath. In all we do, breath work has the ability to heighten our awareness, usher clarity, and expand endurance.


Ansana pratice assists students in forming a strong mind, body connection. Mindful movement encourages students to meet their edge safely and with curiosity.


Society moves quickly! Before leaving their mats, each student has a moment to relax, rest, reflect, and restore. This gives the mind and body a chance to recharge.


  • Hatha Yoga Thurs 6pm - 7pm

    Yaya’s weekly hatha yoga class is suited for yogis of all levels and abilities. This is a chance to shake off stressors from the week and build balance. See you at The Venue!

  • Poetry & Pose Sun 11am-12:30pm

    Discover! Create! In partnership with the Houston Public Library, find Yaya at Discovery Green park on Sundays under the shade. This class is great for families of all ages and has a special treat with Writers in the Schools afterwards.